Body and Brain

“An emotional response to a situation is the single greatest barrier to power, a mistake that will cost you a lot more than any temporary satisfaction you might gain by expressing your feelings.”

Robert Greene (American Author). He is notable for his books on strategy, power, and seduction.
"The body never listens to the mind.
If It did, I’m certain you’d understand
Spirit is bright but the body is blind. 

The brain is cultured, astute, and refined,
However, as we know quite well first-hand,
The body never listens to the mind

The body is firm and does as inclined;
It’s wills are unable to be planned.
Spirit is bright but the body is blind.

The results of this are actions undermined 
That cause remorse and regret to command.
The body never listens to the mind.

Mistakes and misfortunes and both combined.
Who gave the body the power of hand?
Spirit is bright but the  body is blind.

Why must my conscience always remind
Of the mistakes at the body’s demand?
The body never listens to the mind.
Spirit is bright but the body is blind."

E. Triplett



What is a Villanelle?


A Villanelle is a poem constructed with repeating phrases following a particular pattern. The pattern of a Villanelle, in this case, is formed by five tercets, formatted by A, B, and the repeating phrase. The repeating lines are always the first and third line of the first tercet, which alternate is the final line of each tercet. Then both repeating phrases are used at the very end of the quartet completing the villanelle. The rhyme sequence, however, for each tercet is A-B-A(Repeating phrase). The final quartet is sequenced by A-B-A(Repeating)-A(Repeating 2).

“A Corner of the Villa,” by Edward John Poytner.
Edwin Arlington Robinson was an amazing poet during the early twentieth century. He was a patron of the villanelle format, most notably for his poem “The House on the Hill.”


The Villanelle, or Villanella, was actually made by mistake. When the term villanella was first formed, it was defined as simply Spanish and Italian folksongs. The Villanelle was judged as a word to determine the form of the base poems themselves instead of being a term for said songs. Imagine if Hip-Hop was perceived, by future historians, as a form of poetry the songwriter uses in their lyrics. Regardless, the Villanelle became quite popular during the twentieth century. What the poem is known as today was interpreted and formed by various famous authors and poets such as Edwin Arlington Robinson and Theodore de Banville.

Personal Blurb:

Sometimes, you make mistakes based on the wills of your body rather than actual rational thought. It’s hard when you lose control of yourself and make impulsive decisions during this time.

Teenagers especially make these mistakes. Who can blame them? They are going through a whole new transition, packed to the brim with new feelings and emotions they haven’t yet learned to control.

Acting in anger, lust, or panic is necessary for humans. But, when you are panicked over schoolwork instead of being chased by a predator it seems a bit irrational to feel that way.

It’s important to understand that making mistakes is a part of the unsavory section of life, but they will always happen. The only thing you can change is how you respond in the future, so what’s the use in thinking about the mistakes you made right now. You can’t go back in time and not tell your friend they aren’t good at basketball or that they aren’t as attractive as they should be, but you can apologize now for your past actions in the hopes that people will be understanding. The best thing you can do to lessen the effects of these actions is to apologize for your past ones also make sure you do not act without thinking again.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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