“Stalking is when two people go for a long romantic walk together, but only one of them knows about it.”
You look at me with lustrous eyes, 
yet speak of love.
What is this love, pray tell.

Is it the quake of your chest?
The harding of your various attentions?
Is this love you speak of for me?

Coming from a man who has not yet seen 
the brain behind my eyes.
The heart beneath my breasts.
The thoughts beneath my flirts.

Yet he evaluates me so.
Spreading his ‘love’ as loosely as he spreads his cum.

What he speaks of isn’t a love of the brain.
It’s not a love of the soul,
It’s barely a love of the heart,
It’s a love of a body, of a perception.
The love of the feeling inflicted upon him by my appearance.

By my mannerisms, my actions
Passion is the love not only he speaks of.
But, the love we all come to know as true
Lust is the love that is lost with time.

If not built with the structures of a bond of 
the soul, the heart, and the mind.
Time will burn through the bond of lust as paper
Leaving nothing by ash.

E. Triplett

Personal Blurb:

Stalkers do not understand their actions. They consider brief emotions this dramatized version of love that the media has will shove down our throats and become obsessed with the person who evokes them. When you watch movies and read books, it seems so easy to you, the reader, that something wrong is wrong. You hate how people never believed the main character when they came forward and may have thought to yourself

“This is so unrealistic. I can’t imagine these things get ignored so easily.”

But, they do get ignored. People don’t see friendly old Jerry (Fake Name) as an issue because he’s never done anything to them or around them. They don’t want to believe that someone not only is being attacked by “Sweet-hearted” Jerry but that Jerry also got those feelings for you and not them.

“Why would Jerry go after her if he wouldn’t go after me? He’s always been nice and respectful. I can’t believe these allegations.”

And even though you are not comfortable with this person around you, the way they touch you, the way they linger until you are alone, you believe it too. Jerry isn’t bad. He’s just Jerry. Just because he follows you around, doesn’t listen to you saying no, tries to get me alone, and refuses to let anyone near me does not mean he’s bad. If you were to tell someone, it would be like saying he’s bad, but also saying that you are worth something other people are not, and you don’t think that is true whatsoever.

You would think a stalker would be someone in the movies who is evil. Someone who knows what they are doing is terrible and continues, or, maybe, who is just crazy. Someone for whom you have no sympathy. Someone that everyone would agree with you when you say he doesn’t make you feel safe.

Stalkers aren’t like that. They are people. They are people with families and friends, and more often than not, they have faces they can easily switch between when they are around other people.

Recently, a previous stalker has made a resurgence in my life. I’m very disappointed that I have to deal with him again, but that’s life. He has been stalking other girls at the school and trying to get them to go with him alone. I wish the school could do more to control him, but he isn’t stopping his behavior.

He blames me for his misfortunes in life because, previously, when he had been following me around, disregarding every no I told him and attempting to get me alone. I went to the counselor, and he had to deal with the consequences of his actions.

I’m going to create a post going into more depth about this subject and what he has done and continues to do. However, I wrote this poem when I was frustrated with his actions and how he had treated me.

To anyone who has someone like this in your life. Someone who makes you uncomfortable. Someone who doesn’t listen to your pleads to leave them alone, time after time. Someone who would hurt you could hurt you could be trying to hurt you. Don’t be alone with them. Don’t look at them. Do not talk to them unless it is to say no. Sometimes, going to a person you can trust isn’t going to help you. But, if you need to do so, there are resources out there for you.

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I am an Amatuer Writer, and I hope to build an online presence through this blog.

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