Stalker Story Time!

This story isn’t the most exciting, but it was very intense for me. The reason I bring this story up is that the stalker in question has recently made a reappearance in my life. Also, a personal story may help you understand me better as a person and author. For the sake of the story, the Stalkers name will be “Ben.”

When I was in middle school Ben first came up to me during a band trip. I had played the clarinet for six years and had been quite good. I was sitting alone because I didn’t have many friends, and it was difficult for me to make them; I was in 8th grade at the time. He came up to me and sat next to me. He said I looked lonely, and he thought I could use some company. I talked to him for a minute. I thought he was kind. I was wrong.

He wasn’t bad at first. I enjoyed the attention, but I wasn’t interested in him. Still, I thought he wasn’t a bad guy and talked to him whenever he would approach me. He would try and sit with me on the bus rides from events. He would seek me out in crowds and at the events; my mother, a chaperone, thought he seemed like a nice boy. I was even friends with his twin sister. He wasn’t exactly interesting to talk to, but I never really liked people, and I thought he might be nervous.

Towards the end of the trip, he asked for my phone number. I was uncertain, but I gave it to him. I told him I wasn’t interested in a relationship. He seemed understanding of that. The rest of the 8th-grade year wasn’t terrible. He was nice when he would find me; I never sought him out myself, but we went to the same school. I later learned that he was stalking my friend during this time. I wondered why she was so quiet and refused to go into the lunchroom.

After the 8th grade dance, I started to hear more from him. He would text me constantly, ask me to meet up with him, try to talk to me when our conversations never went anywhere. I was uncomfortable, but I felt terrible that I wasn’t feeling anything. Soon, when he asked me out, and I told him no. He didn’t listen.

In 9th grade, I had my first real boyfriend. I enjoyed hanging out with him. The problem was Ben. Even when, I had told him multiple times that I was uncomfortable with him continuing to talk to me and get closer to me. I told him to back off. He didn’t listen.

I started getting scared to go into the lunchroom because he would refuse to leave me alone. He was intense. He would find me in the cafeteria and sit next to me. When I would move, he would move. At first, I thought he was just lonely, that he didn’t have any friends to hang out with. I let him stay.

He asked me out again, even when dating my first boyfriend. After that, I thought that my letting him near me was leading him on. I told him I didn’t want him to sit with me anymore as politely as I could. He would still find me to sit with me. I later found out he had been making threats to my boyfriend. I stopped going to lunch.

He tried to follow me to the library, but I hid from him in the corner. Sometimes, when he saw me going into the library he would stare at me through the library window. I turned off the notifications on his texts. He would text me daily at least. I finally told him that I didn’t want him anywhere near me, that I didn’t like him and would never like him. I thought that I was being firm.

He stopped texting me frequently. I was happy with that. He would still say “Hi” to me in the hallways. Eventually, on the first day of the new semester, when we switched classes, I got a class with Ben. Soon after the teacher came up to me, she said she wanted to make sure if I was ok being next to Ben. He had told her repeatedly that he wanted us to be next to each other.

I hate how I reacted to this, but I had told him so many times to stop bothering me that I couldn’t stop my fingers from moving on the screen. I unblocked him and texted him a series of curse words. I told him that he needed to stop trying to get close to me and that he couldn’t make any friends by doing this. He reported me to the counselor.

I told the counselor everything that had been happening over the past few years. And, as it turns out, he was doing this to more girls. They came to my aid, and Ben had to talk to the school police officer. The public school system has no idea how to handle people like this, and he was released right back into the school area.

Since then, he has been avoiding me but talking about me constantly. Looking at me when he thinks I don’t know. He has contact information I didn’t give him. I’m still scared most of the time.

A few years after this event is now. Now, he has been trying to get a few of the girls at the school to go with him to private areas. When they say “No,” he continues. It’s creepy. My friend became one of his targets. So, for the first time, I told someone what Ben had put me through.

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